Hidden Wardrobe 02/12/20

Today I'm installing a new site specific artwork in the Hidden Wardrobe, Old Northam Road which launches next week.  FRUITING is a fun installation focusing on the fascinating world of fungi with brightly coloured puff balls, mushrooms and mycelium.

PayPal 01/08/20

I'm now taking PayPal payments and can deliver locally to Southampton and Waterside areas. Message me for prices and availability!

Mayflower print 14/05/20

Cowprint is a group of print makers from Red Hot Press, this year we have collectively made a book of prints to commemorate the 400 years since the Mayflower left Southampton. This is my print for the book:

New gift products 03/02/20

God's House Tower stock the following range of products in their shop. Update 01/06/20 During COVID closures these are available to buy online.

GHT shop 16/11/20

Today the God's House Tower online shop goes live, check it out here:


Print Giveaway 05/07/20

To launch my new print I've donated to 2 local fundraisers, the Hythe Ferry/Pier restoration and the Tug Tender Calshot! 

Mango Chutney Launch 29/05/20

If you missed the launch of Mango Chutney, this fantastic virtual exhibition is available until 29th July '20.

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